How do I make my site look like the Limon Demo?

There are a few easy steps you can follow in order to recreate our demo as a starting point for your site. Just keep in mind that this will override any customizations you have already done to your theme and will reset it to look exactly like our demo.

In short, you will have to download and import the Limon XML file and select the custom menus as follows:

1. Choose the Limon XML file you want to download:

Spa Version: Limon_Spa_XML
Restaurant Version: Limon_Restaurant_XML

2. Make sure you have installed the WordPress import plugin (located in your WP Admin):

3. Activate the Import Plugin
Plugins>Installed Plugins>WordPress Importer>Activate

4. Import the XML file
Tools>Import>WordPress>Browse>Upload file and import

5. Setup the Limon custom menus:
Appearance>Menus>Go to Theme Locations box and under the Limon Menu dropdown select ‘Main Nav‘¬† and under the Limon Facebook¬† Menu select ‘Facebook Nav

Your site should now look exactly like the Limon restaurant demo (Note: It may take a few minutes to populate all of the content. Make sure to refresh the page and/or clear your browser cache).